The Voice or American Idol?

It's that time again...  music competition shows are back on television. The Voice and American Idol are the two I'll be focusing on, and I am slightly biased being a singer. Just being honest.  The aspects of The Voice that I totally enjoy are that the coaches only get to hear the people they are choosing and that for the most part the content  is fairly positive. Even if a contestant doesn't get chosen  they're given feedback that will help them and are encouraged to return.  The show on the whole in my opinion is uplifting.

American Idol is quite different.  It seems as if the focus is on image and not so much on musical talent.  It also seems that for whatever reason there is always an aspect of negative and demeaning content.  By that I'm referring to the need for the show to have a certain amount of the audition segments be about the worst performers.  With all that is happening in the world at this time do we really need more negativity?  

I guess for me a show that gets its ratings because of talent of the performers is more suited to my liking.  After all these are talent shows are they not?          

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