The Voice or American Idol? 

It's that time again...  music competition shows are back on television. The Voice and American Idol are the two I'll be focusing on, and I am slightly biased being a singer. Just being honest.  The aspects of The Voice that I totally enjoy are that the coaches only get to hear the people they are choosing and that for the most part the content  is fairly positive. Even if a contestant doesn't get chosen  they're given feedback that will help them and are encouraged to return.  The show on the whole in my opinion is uplifting.

American Idol is quite different.  It seems as if the focus is on image and not so much on musical talent.  It also seems that for whatever reason there is always an aspect of negative and demeaning content.  By that I'm referring to the need for the show to have a certain amount of the audition segments be about the worst performers.  With all that is happening in the world at this time do we really need more negativity?  

I guess for me a show that gets its ratings because of talent of the performers is more suited to my liking.  After all these are talent shows are they not?          

World Music Therapy Day  

March 1st is World Music Therapy Day.   Can music be used as therapy and to heal... yes it can.   Music also unites, uplifts, educates, calms, gives hope and is the Universal Voice.   Every culture on the planet has it's own unique musical expression and yet we can all identify with the feeling in a song. I'm posting this song again as my contribution as it has helped me on my own journey... Enjoy!

Sunday Song Blog - After Words 

Heylo... this is my first entry to my Sunday Song Blog.  It's an original about a man who is absent from his life and a gentle kind spirit who gives him hope.  It's called... After Words... Enjoy!

Many Thanks!!! 

With Christmas upon us and the New Year in sight, I would like to say thank you!  Thank you to all the people who frequent my gigs and purchase my music. Thank you to all the establishments and venues that hire me to perform. Thank you to all my fellow musicians and friends who generously offer their help. Most of all thank you to the universe for letting me connect through the amazing language that is music. My life would not be complete without it, Thanks!!!

American Music Awards... 5SOS... Taylor Swift 

I didn't get to watch all of the AMA's but saw most of the show. My favorite pick for the evening was 5 Seconds of Summer. They all sang, they all played an instrument, they had the smallest light/pyro show and the least amount of stage props and they had the best performance of the night! Rock on dudes... or something like that. I also thought that Taylor Swift delivered a great acceptance speech for the Dick Clark award. In short she stated that musicians work very hard at their craft and their music is art and should be treated as such... enough said!

Christmas... Are You Ready! 

I can't believe how early stores and retailers start up their Christmas campaigns. That being said I have a new Christmas song on the way and if I am going to be honest I started work on it a while ago. It's in the mastering phase at this point and slated for release soon. Taking that into consideration I would have to say I've been planning since about mid October. So  I guess I have to cut some slack for the people who start their shopping and put up their decorations ahead of time...  I'm just as guilty as they are for starting the Christmas season early. Hope you enjoy the tune when it comes out!

Pete Townsend...WTF! 

The Who are back on tour next year! Apparently Pete Townsend has said that he hates The Who. I'm not sure if that's a ploy to sell tickets, but if it's true I feel they should put the whole thing to sleep. I don't see how you could possibly get your money's  worth knowing that one of the band's founding members/guitarist/main songwriter just doesn't have his heart in it. Will this show in his performance or will he be able to fake it? If he's faking it will you want to be there? I have seen The Who a few times and have always enjoyed the show but I'm not sure if I'm interested anymore... I guess I sound a bit like Pete.


Andrea Murray!!! Need I say more. As promised at the beginning of the year I am doing some new things with my songwriting. One thing I will be doing is exploring my comedic muse. I am thrilled to say that I will be collaborating with Barrie comedian Andrea Murray! So stay tuned as these projects will be made into videos as well as songs with Andrea in front of the camera. ( I think she agreed to that!?! ) Where will it go? I don't really know but knowing Andrea it could go anywhere. I seriously can't wait to start working with her because I will definitely LMAO!!!  ( You will too, guaranteed. )

What is a Call of Duty? 

With the events on Parliament Hill this week Canadians were shown examples of individuals who have answered the Call of Duty. There are always times when we can all do something for others, but there are some in our society who do this on a daily basis.  Women and men in the Armed Forces serve their country first and foremost. Firefighters run into burning buildings while others run out. Police and Security personnel run towards the perpetrators while we take cover. Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors deal with the sick and diseased. Our Social Workers look after the suffering and in need. We should hold these people in our highest admiration and offer them as much support as they do us. This I believe would be a Call of Duty that everyone can answer.