The Voice or American Idol?

It's that time again...  music competition shows are back on television. The Voice and American Idol are the two I'll be focusing on, and I am slightly biased being a singer. Just being honest.  The aspects of The Voice that…

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World Music Therapy Day 

March 1st is World Music Therapy Day.   Can music be used as therapy and to heal... yes it can.   Music also unites, uplifts, educates, calms, gives hope and is the Universal Voice.   Every culture on the planet has it's own…

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Sunday Song Blog - After Words

Heylo... this is my first entry to my Sunday Song Blog.  It's an original about a man who is absent from his life and a gentle kind spirit who gives him hope.  It's called... After Words... Enjoy!

Many Thanks!!!

With Christmas upon us and the New Year in sight, I would like to say thank you!  Thank you to all the people who frequent my gigs and purchase my music. Thank you to all the establishments and venues that…Read more

American Music Awards... 5SOS... Taylor Swift

I didn't get to watch all of the AMA's but saw most of the show. My favorite pick for the evening was 5 Seconds of Summer. They all sang, they all played an instrument, they had the smallest light/pyro show…Read more

Christmas... Are You Ready!

I can't believe how early stores and retailers start up their Christmas campaigns. That being said I have a new Christmas song on the way and if I am going to be honest I started work on it a while…Read more

Pete Townsend...WTF!

The Who are back on tour next year! Apparently Pete Townsend has said that he hates The Who. I'm not sure if that's a ploy to sell tickets, but if it's true I feel they should put the whole thing…Read more


Andrea Murray!!! Need I say more. As promised at the beginning of the year I am doing some new things with my songwriting. One thing I will be doing is exploring my comedic muse. I am thrilled to say that…Read more

What is a Call of Duty?

With the events on Parliament Hill this week Canadians were shown examples of individuals who have answered the Call of Duty. There are always times when we can all do something for others, but there are some in our society…Read more


We all have passions. We all have the one or two things that we can turn to that put our lives right when things are rough. I am fortunate enough to have a few, music, canoeing and dogs. Music (…Read more

A Song With No Chorus?

Well I'm doing it... yup a song with no chorus. Now most people will say that with no chorus there's nothing to bring the listener's attention back. I'm trying it anyway. Others will remind me of the saying "Don't bore…Read more