On The Air Again!

For the second time this year I am fortunate enough to have another one of my songs on the radio! Before I go further I must again thank David, Hazel and Karina Wipper and also John Boswell for their help. It is only with the assistance and encouragement from others that many of us can achieve our dreams. I also need to thank 97.7 The Beach in Wasaga for supporting local and emerging talent. They are the first radio station to pick up my new single "A Lifetime of This" and they were also the first to pick up my previous single "Lucky Life". 
As this year ends and the New Year starts I will again be sending a massive amount of emails out to stations across Canada to see if they are interested in my new song. Being that I am independant this is the most productive way I know of to get it out there. (If anyone knows a better way and wants to share I'm all ears). When I first began playing around campfires for my family and friends I didn't even think of writing my own material let alone getting one of my tunes on the radio! I guess that truely believing in what I put out there helps to manifest a reality. Even though I'm just at the very begining of my musical career and I have much to learn, I encourage everyone with a passion or a dream to follow it. You never know what might happen!

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