Ok, I have a guilty pleasure... I'm a big fan of the night time musical soap opera Nashville. The magic had been recently removed however when I watched a behind  the scenes show where they talked to the actors and…Read more

Girly Tunes... Hell Yeah!

Hey Folks,
Recently I have had two polar opposite reactions to some of the songs I play while gigging. For the most part I play original tunes being that I am a singer/songwriter. The balance of my songs are covers…Read more


FYI... my song Lucky Life is entered in the CBC SEARCHLIGHT competition if you want to give it a vote!

St. Patrick

Cheers to everyone celebrating St. Patrick's Day!  Here's a few "generally accepted" historical details that most people haven't heard of. St. Patrick was possibly born in Scotland or Wales.  At the age of 16 he was captured by Irish pirates…Read more

Country & Western? You Tell Me FB!

One of my new singles "Lucky Life" has sparked a debate amongst some of my FB friends. It seems that I have written a Country & Western song. Now I really think of myself as a Folk Rock artist but…Read more

Nice Olympics Canada!!!

An excellent Sunday... later today I will be part of a Fight For Life Cancer Telethon ( very exciting ) and I just finished watching Canada win the Gold Medal in Men's Olympic Hockey!  Along with the Gold for the…Read more

Out Of The Loop!

Yes I've been out of the blog loop for a few weeks... my apologies! I've been wrestling a pesky cold bug but I think it's under control now. So here's a quick update on what's  happening... I have lots of…Read more

Happy New Year!!!

Here I am again, leaving this year behind and looking forward to the next.  The lowest points of 2013 were saying goodbye to Rona and Fred, two amazing souls who were good dear friends. The high points, all equally exciting…Read more


So today my new single "A Lifetime of This" made it's radio debut on 97.7 The Beach in Wasaga. It got played between Norah Jones and Bruno Mars! Too cool! Thankyou 97.7 for kindly supporting local talent.
There are also…Read more

On The Air Again!

For the second time this year I am fortunate enough to have another one of my songs on the radio! Before I go further I must again thank David, Hazel and Karina Wipper and also John Boswell for their help…Read more

More Than Music

While this blog will be used mostly to comment on my musical journey there will be times when I put that aside for a post or two. This is one of those times.
My brother-in-law Fred passed away four months…Read more