So today my new single "A Lifetime of This" made it's radio debut on 97.7 The Beach in Wasaga. It got played between Norah Jones and Bruno Mars! Too cool! Thankyou 97.7 for kindly supporting local talent.
There are also some other people I would like to thank today for their kindness. The woman who stopped by my stalled vehicle this morning and offered me a ride to a warm place so I could use a phone. The Ivy Vet Office for letting me use their phone to call CAA to come tow my vehicle. The CAA team for very quickly coming to my aid. My mechanic in Barrie for working on my vehicle right away. My partners uncle who came to pick me up while my vehicle was being fixed.
There were many people today who out of the goodness of their hearts were kind to me. As a result my day was quite amazing regardless of the little snags. I hope everyone experiences this sort of kindess at some point in their lives!

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